My best Danish friends

I am the one who always believes in the fate. I believe that if I met and got friend with one, then surely it is causation from past lives – that we must know each other before in the previous life.

The world is big with more than eight billion people, why can only love a few friends. Every day how many people we just pass by, in our lives how many people around us we have not paid attention? But I have friends who are thousands of miles away, living in an environment completely different from us, and we love them and think of them. If that is not the fate, then why do we have such special feelings?


I have a Danish family that I love and always feel warm when thinking of them. They are two darling friends Heidi and Carsten and their family.


We had the opportunity to meet and work together in a eco-project in Phu Quoc Island seven years ago.

Picture 258

At this time, we had the same dream, that we would build a Eco-resort, located in the forest on the white sand beach in the north part of Phu Quoc island.

Picture 544

The area is quite isolated from the Ham Rong Mountain, so there is no access road. We had to take a boat from Rach Tram or Rach Vem fishing villages to reach the land of the project. It is a beautiful area that is probably the only place not yet destroyed in Phu Quoc.


We went to investigate the forests and streams in the project for many days. Those are very beautiful memories, whether our trip were not easy.


We had to go into the forest almost without people, with the water flooded to the knees.

Picture 085

Then climb through the rocky areas, streams …

Picture 530

But that is also the most beautiful and unique area in Phu Quoc.


The children of the Heidi and Carsten family also went to Phu Quoc and participated to the trekking in the project with us. They like to climb trees, climb a big rocks like everyone else. When they returned to Denmark, they had a very interesting presentation before their classmate.


Then we went to Denmark, under a Danish government project, to learn the experience of using clean energy sources for Phu Quoc island.


Our project was to build a completely eco-resort, using natural building materials without cutting trees, but only pruning small trees, then apply the technical equipment to use solar or wind energy for living and apply technologies for treating waste for non-polluting waste water. If our project could successful, it would be a good best practice for construction works in a place where natural conservation and protection are needs as Phu Quoc island.


We had received great support from the Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam. A good friend Nguyet Minh who worked there gave us a big support. The Danish Ambassador, Mr. John Nelson also visited our project.


The Danish government had also supported us to send students and professors from Copenhagen university to research and propose solutions for the development and adoption of green energy technologies for our project.


The big family of Heidi and Carsten and their four children also went to Phu Quoc and lived with us for some time.


We worked together for two years, but unfortunately our project was unsuccessful due to many objective reasons. But we are still good friends and always thinking of each other.


My husband and I went to Denmark to visit and we stayed for three days at Heidi’s and Carsten’s family.


My daughters also went to visit their house twice, and attended the confident’s ceremony of a son of their family.


We live thousands of kilometers apart, but we always think of each other, care about each other lives and we really feel very close.


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